A bondservant is an individual who is dedicated to the service of another without regard to his or her own interest. This is what we are all called to be as Christians, and many writers of the New Testament referred to themselves as one (James 1:1, for example). Life has a way of making us focus on ourselves and our own selfish ambitions. This blog is intended to help each of us think more deeply about our service to God and the selfless life we strive to live for Him.

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The Church Does Not Have Denominations

I did a quick search on Google of “How many denominations are there?”  The data was not only staggering, but it was all over the place.  I saw numbers ranging from 25,000 separate denominations of Christianity all the way to over 50,000 (granted some of the sites were several years old).  It simply appears that … Continue reading The Church Does Not Have Denominations

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